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1. It is very difficult to meet other people who have so similar interests. Can you tell me how did you meet and discover that you have the same passions?

In the beginning we found musicians by way of advertisements in music shops. Later also via internet. It took a long time before we got together the people who form the band as it is now.

2. How was the idea of music band born? What is the main aim of Anois: writing celtic music or the tolkienistic one?

Veronica lived in Ireland for a year and was inspired by the atmosphere of this country. In the beginning she sang the songs of Enya and people reacted very enthousiastly. Back in the Netherlands she started looking for musicians. The main aim of Anois is to make beautiful celtic music.

3. I wonder if the Anois´ start up was somewhy hard? What was the worst obstacle you had to deal with?

In the beginning musicians were not always on the same level of ambition or musical skill. It gave discussions in the band, which led to people leaving the band. So we had to look for new musicians over and over again.

4. It would be interesting to know which success of yours was the most important to you?

When we got the attention of a record company we got the idea of making a cd based on LOTR.

5. Can you tell me in which countries have you had concerts so far? Where were you welcomed in the nicest way?

Until now we haven´t had concerts abroad. Via internet though we´ve fans all over the world. We have got invitations to come to Mexico and Poland. Maybe in the future we will have the opportunity to go there.

6. In what way is your elvish music affected by your Celtic interests?

In the world of Tolkien both aspects of elvish and celtic music can be found. That makes it so inspiring for us.

7. In what way is Middle-Earth inspiring your music? And what are your other inspirations in the world of music (except the Celtic one)?

The elvish and fairy-tale atmosphere of Middle-earth inspires us. Other inspirations are Gregorian chant, New Age, Swedish folk music, Eastern (Indian) music, Symphonic music, Irish traditionals.

8. What is in your opinion the most important feature of good elvish music: tune, rhythm, lyrics, or maybe something else?

In our music melody or tune is the most important feature.

9. Are you going to write some lyrics in elvish languages?

No. That will be a study on his own. We will just focus on the music.

10. I wonder if the books of J.R.R. Tolkien influence somehow your everyday life? In what way?

It doesn´t go that far that it influences our everyday life. But we like the thought that the little people save the world and that good conquers evil.

11. Let mi know if there is any landscape in Denmark which remind you the world created by Tolkien?

We think that landscapes in Ireland and England do more remind the world created by Tolkien.


1. You are the music band from Denmark. Can you tell us something about Tolkien fandom in your country? Who are the most well - known Tolkienite there? Have you got some convents or regular meetings of Tolkien fans? If yes, I really wonder how they look like.

First we must inform you that we are not from Denmark, but from the Netherlands (Holland). There are a lot of Tolkien-fans. They get together on Fantasy Fairs (where we have played). There is also a Tolkien-society, which is called Unquendor. They have regular meetings. We´ve played on their lustrum in 2001 and this year we´re gonna play again on their lustrum.

2. What do you think is so unusual in the works of Tolkien that makes them a source of joy, thoughts and inspiration for so many people? And more personally: when, why and in what circumstances did you decide to devote your creative attention to the tales of Middle Earth?

As we said in answer to the question of Vaylei, that good conquers evil and the little people save the world.
Because the world is sometimes so matter-of-fact it can give relief to create a world of your own fantasy.

3. Does composing songs inspired by Tolkien changed somehow your attitude towards him and his literature?

It was when we started composing music on the texts of Tolkien that we realised how many poems there were in The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings.

4. What kind of music suits you best to the world of Tolkien? It would be great if you could mention some concrete bands and songs that in your opinion show the spirit of these books.

We think elvish music, celtic and medieval music suits best the world of Tolkien.
Other bands who show the spirit of these books are Enya, Mostly Autumn, Summoning, Bo Hansson, Kim Skovbye, Glasshammer, Enteli.

5. What was the funniest experience you had during your music career? And which adventure was the most emotive?

The Elf Fantasy Fair where we have played this year was very funny because of the elves marching in front of our stage.
The most emotive was our meeting with Moya Brennan of Clannad on her concert in Utrecht.

6. It would be great to hear something about your first concert. What was your attitude towards it and what was the public´s attitude towards you? ;) Were you satisfied afterwards? What have changed in your music and in your life since that time?

The very first concert of Anois was in 1997. We existed just for three months and we were already chosen to enter a competition. The band consisted then of only four persons and the celtic harp came from a keyboard. Since then the band has grown in number and musically.

7. What are the main advantages and disadvantages of being popular tolkienistic music band?

An advantage is that people know us beforehand and we get booked just because of the reason that we play tolkienistic music.
Disadvantage is that some people do not take us serious.

8. How does your work look like? Can you shortly describe for what aspects of your music and performances are particular Anois members responsible?

Our music sounds a bit like Enya, Clannad, Loreena McKennit.
Veronica is responsible for most of the songs, in some cases members make their own arrangements for their instruments. Our harpist does most of the public relations, Wym takes care of the website.

9. Which aspects of your music make you especially satisfied? What still needs to be corrected?

We are especially satisfied with the voice of Veronica and the female and male backing vocals.
And the Celtic harp is also indispensable in our music.
The presentation and the performance need to be worked on. We should like to have a real show with light-effects.

10. Can you tell us something about your plans for the future? What is your main aspiration?

The last few years we´ve been working on a Tolkien-cd, but because we don´t have yet the permission to use the lyrics we aren´t able to bring out the cd for the moment.
The next half year we´re gonna work on a cd with music on poems by Emily Brontë.
Our main aspiration is to have a cd out, which we can sell.

11. You have surely heard many comments on your music since now (from Tolkien fans and not only) ? I wonder what were they like, and what is the meaning of them to you.

The most beautiful compliments are when people tell us that they feel relaxed by our music and can forget their troubles. Especially this comments motivate us to go on despite the problems we come across.

12. You have told us about your meeting with Moya Brennan of Clannad. Can you give us more details about it?

It was at aperformance of her in Utrecht. I got two autographed cd´s, but she mispelled my name. But I use that, so from now on I (the keyboard player) am called Wym.

13. How does your everyday life look like? Does the band absorb much of your working time, or it is rather a kind of a hobby?

The band take a lot of time indeed, but until now we can´t live from it. So we have all jobs. A lot of us do something in teaching or with children.


1. Can each of you shortly describe herself / himself? I am especially interested in the cases concerning Tolkien (like the beginnings with his books, the meaning of them in your life and so on).

Because Veronica works with (disabled) children fairy tales play an important role in her work. She finds the texts of Tolkien very suitable to put her own light side into elvish music
. Wym has read Tolkien when he has in his teens, he felt a bit like of a hobbit himself.
When he became a member of Anois he read Tolkien for the second time and became a bit of an expert on Tolkien-music, on which he has published a series of articles in a Dutch keyboard magazine and fanzine of the Dutch Tolkien-Society, Lembas.

2. In what way do you mix the ancient music (I mean the Celtic moods, harps, etc) with the modern one?

The modern instruments like keyboard and sampler create a soundscape on which the more traditional intsruments like harp and violin can blossom. The bassguitar lays an foundation of low notes, which are indispensible because the rest of the music sounds in the higher regions of the spectrum.

3. You said that a disadvantage of the band´s popularity is that some people don´t take you seriously. I must say I´m surprised - I have always thought that popularity is rather a helpful thing as it gives more possibilities. Can you tell us why and in what circumstances something like that happened?

A fellow musician found our occupation with orks and elfs a kind of ridiculous. He failed to see that our main purpose is to make beautiful music.

4. In what way does waiting for a permission to use Tolkien´s lyrics have an influence on postponing the release of your CD? What are your feelings about it?

We got a refusal in the meantime by the Tolkien Estate.
But playing for an international company of Tolkien societies in june got us an invitation to come to the Oxonmoot this year,where the Tolkien family comes. This can mean a breakthrough. In the meantinme we work on an Emily Bronte cd.

5. In one of the last questions by X I read that people often say that your music somehow helps them relax. I can add even more. When I hear your music I feel as if it came from another, better world, maybe the world of our dreams, and I feel as if the gate of elvish world was opened a little bit for a while. I wonder if this was your intention to inspire people to such feelings? And what kind of feelings do memebers of Anois have when they are listening to their ready music?

It wasn´t the intention, I think , but more a consequense of the style and personal taste of the composers (mainly Veronica in this case).
But we like that it does inspire people to those feelings.

6. Well, and I think that everybody is interested where we can listen to some of your music. Can you recommend such places to us (is it only your web page?)

We´d like to thank you for your time and attention.

Interwiev for by X, Vaylei, Osse

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